How to Help Employees’ Mental Health and Improve Productivity


While the COVID-19 pandemic has understandably brought employee well-being to the forefront, it’s important to remember that this is an issue that should be taken seriously year-round. Unfortunately, too many employees feel unsupported and overwhelmed in their roles. Employee well-being is one of the most critical factors for an organization. It can help businesses achieve

7 Ways That Employee Recognition Is the Key to Employee Retention


In today’s competitive job market, it’s more important than ever to stand out from the crowd as an employer of choice. So, how do you go about doing that? Promote A Strong Company Culture Strong company culture is one of the most critical factors in attracting, retaining, and delighting employees. A company with a strong

The Ultimate Guide To Creating Your Company’s Employee Handbook


A company’s employee handbook is a critical document that lays out the expectations and rules for employees. It can help prevent confusion and misunderstanding and can provide a clear path for disciplinary action if needed. A well-written, up-to-date employee handbook is essential for companies of all sizes. Not only does it provide employees with important […]

How To Make Recruitment Experience Better For Candidates


Candidates are the lifeblood of any recruitment process. The job market is good right now, and it is more important than ever to make sure the candidate’s experience is good. This means making sure applying for a job and interviewing is easy and enjoyable. The better their experience, the more likely they will recommend your



HR Information Systems (HRIS) Payroll Benefits Compensation Equity Plan Management



Lack of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging is one of the most common problems that modern workplaces struggle with. Studies show that leadership teams with a pro-DEIB governing style generate more commerce, lower employee turnover, and improve workplace culture. Let Think People. Culture helps you spark change and drive impact. Get better DEIB for your company.



HR Audits We provide a comprehensive examination of your organization’s employment practices from HR policies, practices and processes, to workplace culture assessment. This thorough review helps to identify need for improvement and enhancement of the HR function. In addition, it helps to assess compliance with ever-changing rules and regulations. Custom Employee Handbooks & Personnel Policy […]



At Think People.Culture, we serve as your organization’s remote strategic HR Advisor. We excel in filling critical gaps, so you can experience positive growth and maintain operational efficiencies by leveraging a high-performing executive Interim Human Resource Leader. When you engage us, we take care of all things HR so you can focus on your organization’s success.



Career Coaching One-on-one career coaching sessions to help you prepare and establish yourself as a strong candidate in this tough job market. Resume & Cover Letter building Optimize your resume for today’s Applicant Tracking Systems. Improve your LinkedIn profile to take advantage of their algorithms to showcase your achievements and nurture attention from recruiters. Build […]