Most small to medium-sized businesses have someone who has been grandfathered into an HR position. This person usually has several other responsibilities and wears “multiple hats.” HR responsibilities can sometimes fall on the owners and executives of these small businesses.

HR Consulting can be a cost-effective resource to make sure you are staying in compliance, keeping constant communication with employees, management, and executives, and carrying out common and practiced HR processes and solutions. Most importantly, it offers your organization consistency in these policies and procedures, which reduces your liability and improves culture/morale and overall communication within your organization.

We allow you the opportunity to free yourself and other employees from the administrative burden that HR can pose. This allows you to concentrate on your primary responsibilities and contribute to the organization in the ways you intended.

  • Comes in with experience, lowers the steep learning curve a new employee would have.

  • Offers efficiency and solutions that have been vetted by experience, laws and best practices.

  • Offers customized services based on what your company needs.

  • Offers an unbiased opinion and third-party perspective to employment situations.

  • Works with you to reduce risk while increasing productivity and profitability.

  • Eases the burden of paperwork and administrative tasks that are associated with human capital.

  • Helps you find top talent and reduces time to fill for open positions.

Everyone in your organization has their specific area of expertise, including you. However, these areas of expertise may not align with federal, state and local employment law. They may also not align with creating a positive culture and morale. They may not understand what is needed and what it takes to find and hire qualified applicants and how to keep supporting those employees for success.

The marketplace is ever-changing and the benefits employers provide to their employees can be a determining factor in recruiting and retaining quality employees. Think People.Culture can compare your company’s offerings to the current marketplace and provide valuable feedback on best practices, standards and evolving trends.

Engage with us for ongoing work of longer duration with our cost-effective monthly rates:

  • $1500+/month for small to mid-sized teams with some established management structures, needing strategic HR support for stability during growth.

  • $3000+/month for medium-sized teams in growth mode and experiencing a shift from an entrepreneurial environment into ‘maturity’. Executives may notice silos developing, cultural drift, and loss of visibility—and want solid, proactive HR processes and strategy now.

Let us help you with your short-term on-demand needs with our hourly rate (two-hour minimum):

  • $150/hour

We offer these standard fixed-fee projects:

  • $3500-$5900 for HR Setup

  • $10500 for Recruitment

Get a quote for custom projects:

  • We can help you with HRIS, deep-dive audits, systems overhauls, and more. These engagements require some effort to price. We care about our ongoing relationship with you, which means finding out everything we need to know about your situation first, then we can price the first stage of working together accurately.

If you’re facing any employee relations issues, big or small, Think People.Culture can help. We offer a range of services, from employee counseling and coaching to conflict resolution and handling complaints. No matter what issue you’re facing, we can provide expert guidance and insight to help you resolve the problem.


So don’t go it alone—let us help you uncover the root of your employee relations issues and take steps to resolve them.


Contact us today to learn more about how we can assist you.

There are a few reasons you may have trouble finding or keeping exceptional employees. Maybe your hiring process is ineffective and you’re not attracting the right candidates. Or maybe your Company Culture is not supportive of excellence and Employee Engagement. Whatever the reason, we can help!


At Think People.Culture, we specialize in creating positive, high-performing cultures. We can help you attract and retain the best employees by improving your company culture.


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With over 15 years of experience in the field, our team has the knowledge and insight to help your organization reach its full potential. As an objective third party, we are able to provide comprehensive HR services and programs that will support your organization through all stages of growth.


TPC is here to help you every step of the way – contact us today to find out how we can make a difference in your organization!

You can schedule a free initial 15 minute virtual consultation. This includes a video or phone call. Let’s talk! Your first consultation is free.

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