With full-service offerings and a modern approach to human resources consulting, Think People.Culture offers robust HR consulting services to companies of all sizes.

Not all companies have the expertise or time to handle human resource management themselves. We can help you understand safety and labor compliance regulations. We can put systems in place to develop skills and retain top talent. If you’re finding human resources is taking up more time than you planned on, contact us to streamline the process and lower your costs.

Company culture is one of the major driving factors of employee retention and engagement. Simply stating that a company has the right culture does not make it so. Culture is the alignment between stated culture and observed behaviors that really defines the strength of a firm’s culture.

Companies need to align corporate culture directly with performance outcomes that go beyond the standard employee satisfaction scores and turnover numbers. Augmenting your company culture and ensuring that employees love their jobs is key to business success and growth.

At Think People.Culture we understand culture must not be overlooked as part of any small business’s HR strategy. We understand that when it comes to your People and Culture, Employee Engagement, Performance, and Retention are all connected. We give organization leaders the tools and technology to measure–and enhance–their company culture!

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Lack of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging is one of the most common problems that modern workplaces struggle with. Studies show that leadership teams with a pro-DEIB governing style generate more commerce, lower employee turnover, and improve workplace culture. Let Think People. Culture  helps you spark change and drive impact. Get better DEIB for your company. […]


We help you gather all the data to make the right data-driven decisions about headcount, compensation, job title and function, work location (e.g. in-office or remote), Hiring, Onboarding, turnover, Employee Engagement, Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Belonging, Learning and Development, and more.


Career Coaching One-on-one career coaching sessions to help you prepare and establish yourself as a strong candidate in this tough job market. Resume & Cover Letter building Optimize your resume for today’s Applicant Tracking Systems. Improve your LinkedIn profile to take advantage of their algorithms to showcase your achievements and nurture attention from recruiters. Build […]


Performance Development Employee Engagement Executive Coaching Our Leadership Coaching service equips new, future, and senior leaders to thrive in leadership positions and steer their teams towards productivity and profitability.


HR Audits We provide a comprehensive examination of your organization’s employment practices from HR policies, practices and processes, to workplace culture assessment. This thorough review helps to identify need for improvement and enhancement of the HR function. In addition, it helps to assess compliance with ever-changing rules and regulations. Custom Employee Handbooks & Personnel Policy […]


Recruiting (Retained, Contingent, RPO, hourly) Lead Generation Sourcing & Applicant Tracking Talent Assessment & Selection References, Onboarding & Background Checks


HR Information Systems (HRIS) Payroll Benefits Compensation Equity Plan Management

Interim HR Leadership Team

At Think People.Culture, we serve as your organization’s remote strategic HR Advisor. We excel in filling critical gaps, so you can experience positive growth and maintain operational efficiencies by leveraging a high-performing executive Interim Human Resource Leader. When you engage us, we take care of all things HR so you can focus on your organization’s success. […]


HR & Business Guidance  I-9 Support EEOC Guidance 


TPC will help your organization with workforce planning, business optimization, and establishing a leadership model. Our team of experienced consultants can help your organization with all aspects of organizational development, from strategy to execution. We take a holistic and customized approach to each client, ensuring that we find the best solutions for your specific needs. […]

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We work on fixed-fee projects. Some are fairly standard, some are custom. Contact us today to discuss your needs.

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