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Meet Bill Brown

Meet Bill Brown, Principal and Chief People Officer of Think People.Culture, pioneering positive Employee Experiences.


Meet Bill Brown, a seasoned HR veteran with over 20 years of expertise. As the Principal and Chief People Officer at Think People.Culture (TPC), he's dedicated to strategic HR solutions that drive positive Employee Experiences and propel organizations into the Future of Work.

Bill is the author of "Don't Suck at Recruiting," a comprehensive guide to enhancing candidate experiences and optimizing recruitment strategies. Beyond his writing, Bill is a dynamic thought leader who thrives on creating opportunities for leadership, fostering staff growth, and maximizing human contributions within organizations.

Bill's passion lies in helping organizations Think more strategically and invest in their People and Culture. With a strong focus on transformative talent solutions, he's a driving force in creating vibrant workplaces that attract, develop, and retain the best talent. Bill's approach empowers businesses to flourish in the ever-evolving landscape of the Future of Work. 

Bill's not just about roles; he's about real connections. Between guiding HR journeys, you'll find him savoring the kitchen's creativity and the garden's tranquility. Bill's warmth and insights bridge the gap between HR, culture, and the goals that matter to you. In his free time, he works wonders in the kitchen and garden. As a HR Buff, his love for nurturing extends from growing plants to nurturing team growth. 

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